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Release RWG Truth of War 0.8 (Deprecated) 
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Сообщение Release RWG Truth of War 0.8 (Deprecated)
Dear friends, on the eve of the Victory over Nazism, the RWG-team, striving to please all the fans of Sudden Strike 2, brings to your attention further development of its mod - RWG Truth of War 0.8 beta, which is the apex of the mod developing, created on the legendary Sudden Striker 2 engine.

Mod is an excellent guide for people interested in the history of World War II, and lovers of quality games will be able to spend exciting time, eviscerating enemy tanks and processing into sausage herds of infantry. In the mod, as always, a huge amount of equipment and infantry. In addition, the mapmakers have tried to recreate in their missions the real battles (of course, the imagination and the possibilities of mapmakers are limited to the game engine).
The developers have made every effort to make the already beautiful mod more exciting and interesting. As before, the player will be able to command a multitude of tanks, infantrymen, to cause destructive artillery and bombardment by strikes against positions and groups of enemy troops.

It is necessary to attract the attention of all Sudden Strike fans to a large number of water objects, including full-fledged mighty warships, as well as small ships and boats. Undoubtedly, the presence of such units can seriously improve the game and make it even more interesting.

Summing up, the RVG-team wants to call you dear fans of Sudden Strike to download the update to the RWG ToW mode, actively play it and create new maps and missions that will even more realistically recreate the events of that already distant time.

RWG Truth of War mod is independent, does not require any version of "Sudden Strike" and can be set to any folder on your computer.

Publication Type: Nonprofit Project
Genre: Real-Time Strategy (RTS)
Developer: RWG-team
Year: 2017
Platform: PC
Language: Russian, English, German, French
Multiplayer: Yes

System requirements:

Operating system: Win XP/Vista/7/8.
Processor: P3 500 MHg
Have a capacity of 128 Mb
Graphics Card: 16Mb
Hard Drive: 1.5 Gb

Briefly about what you see new:

Introduced 10 new units and 12 received a new graphics.
Fixed a critical error with the building, leading to a crash into the system.
Added 65 new buildings, most - in the winter scheme.
Supply vehicles have doubled the ammunition type 2 (building materials).
Fixed the ability to tow a significant part of vehicles.
Fixed the movement parameters for some infantrymen.
Fixed bug in map editor and missions.
Partially updated graphics in the editor.
Adding a description in the editor.

Installation Instructions:

Run the installation, select the directory for the installation and wait for it to finish.
During installation, the files are not just unpacked, the game is collected from separate modules, so the installation will take some time (depending on the performance of your computer).

Download links:

The full version of the game RWG-Truth_of_War 0.8 (690 Mb)

Upgrading from version 0.7 to version 0.8 (124 Mb)

Full list of fixes and changes (Version 0.8 beta):

Units are introduced:
French naval officer (jungle, early summer and desert schemes)
German naval officer (winter, both summer and desert schemes)
Dodge WC-51 with anti-aircraft SK-machine gun Browning (jungle - for USA, desert scheme - common)
Art. Tractor M-5 (jungle - general)
British medium tank M3 Grant with a trawl (jungle)
Soviet tankman with a submachine gun (jungle)
American tankman with Thompson machine (jungle, winter, late summer, desert scheme)
British tankman with a submachine gun Sten (jungle, winter, both summer and desert schemes)
Italian tankman with a gun (winter, both summer, desert scheme)
Landing boat LCA Mk2 (late summer circuit)

The names of single missions are now displayed in their native language. Multi-cards (from compatibility reasons) remained in the international (English) language.
The supply machines are twice as big as the BK type 2 (construction materials)
Ammunition of the tractor T-20 "Komsomolets"
BTR Type 98 "Co-Da" moved to trucks
Fixed speed of movement for some machine gunners
Corrected BC for some submachine gunners
Soviet tankman with a submachine gun was received a grenade
Truck GMC CCKW-353 with a machine gun received 12.7mm Browning
Learned to go to bed and move crawling:
Common Fri-arrow with FTR
British Fri-Gunner with ATR 0.55" Boys
Soviet Fri-Shooter
Italian Fri-gunner with Solothurn S18-100
German shooter PTR (7,92mm Pz.B. 39)
British RPG (90mm PIAT)
German fusilier shooter
A prisoner
Scottish bagpiper
The Senegalese Shooter
Fixed towing:
Ford Truck Campaign
BTR BA-20 and BTR BA-20M
BTR SdKfz 251/1 Hanomag
Truck LRDG Chevrolet 30cwt
Field Caravan Kurogane
BTR Type 1 HO-KI
Conveyor Type 98 SO-DA
Art.tractor "Ya-12"
BTR Lorraine 38L VBCP
Truck Austin K30
Art.tractor Sd.Kfz.10
Truck Dovunque 35
Truck Gas-AAA
Ambulance truck GAZ-MM
Truck Fiat 623
Truck Lancia 3RO
Art.tractor Breda 61
Tractor unit TL37
Truck Mercedes-Benz 4500
Art.tractor SdKfz 11t
Art.tractor SdKfz 7
Truck Isuzu Type 94
Art.tractor Type 92 5t I-Ke
Truck Ford-6
Truck Ford-V8-51
Art.tractor M-5
Tractor "СТЗ-5"
Truck GMC CCKW-353
Truck Morris-Commercial C4
BTR SdKfz 250/1
BTR SdKfz 251/1
BTR SdKfz 253
Truck Renault ADK
Truck Renault AFB
American amphibian LVT-4
Amphibian DUKW-353
They lost the opportunity to drag something:
BTR Humber Armored Car Mk. I
BTR Daimler Armored Car Mk. I
BA Sd.Kfz.221
BTR SdKfz 231/8 rad
BTR SdKfz 234

Added houses to all schemes

Fixed names:
Boat "Umpoto"
German commander's tank PzKpFw III J
Italian driver

Updated graphics:
American tankman
French tanker
Tankman (general)
The Italian tankman
Soviet tankman with a gun
Japanese tanker
British tankman
British tank officer
British tank officer with the machine Sten
British tank officer with Thompson machine gun
German tank PzKpFw III M
German SAU Jagdpanzer 38(t) Hetzer

Updated graphics in the editor:
PBY-5A Catalina (USSR and USA)
The AA-4 antiaircraft armored surface area (2x25mm 72-K)
Light armored pad PL-37 (2х76,2mm, 4x7,62mm)
Light armored pad PL-43 (76.2mm, 2x7.62mm)
Artillery car (105mm)
Anti-aircraft artillery car (76mm 4x20mm)

Fixed bug in map editor and missions
Added descriptions in the editor:
Explanation of belonging to the group (by weight)
To the transport, explanations were added on the possibilities of towing guns (by groups)
There are corrections and additions in the texts

The package (installer/update) includes new, adapted and corrected maps that support all four languages:

Two companies:
Fall Blau (18 missions)
Stalingrad (24 missions)

6 multi:
NahKampf (3x3)
Seaside-41 (2x2)
Willage (1x1)
Uchkuduk (5x5)
Islands (2x2)
Happy New Year (4x4)

21 singles:
The Battle of the Ardennes
Battle for the ledge
Watch on the Rhine
Combat commander
Krasnaya Polyana
Prokhorovka - Germany
Prokhorovka - USSR
Stalingrad Railway Station

5 test cards (with all units):
The Jungle Test
Test Desert
Test Summer 38-42
Test Summer 43-45
Test Winter

1 Updated Addon:
(5+1 mission) from SSF for the USSR

RWG-team expresses gratitude to all who contributed the time, energy, knowledge and skills into our project.
Thanks to all of you and all the best !!!

Приумножая познания, приумножаешь и скорбь.....(с)

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Сообщение Re: Release RWG Truth of War 0.8
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Приумножая познания, приумножаешь и скорбь.....(с)

09 май 2017, 17:21
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